Shoe Dazzle

I don’t wear or purchase any clothes, shoes, purses or accessories that use animal products. It is a personal choice I know but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I have done this for a long time and only very recently have the cruelty-free options started living up to designer standards! You can get amazingly adorable shoes and bags now that contain no animals! When Shoe Dazzle came around at first I thought like many other fun things I would be left out but I was incorrect! All of their items are faux leather or suede! I was soo excited!
If you don’t know how Shoe Dazzle works let me tell you you are missing out. There is a mini quiz when you sign up so that the in house stylists can choose the options that would best suit you and in the beginning of every month your very own selection of shoes, bags and accessories are waiting for you in your own personal show room! If you aren’t in love with everything you can request alternate shoe selections or skip the month. I wasn’t aware of this in the beginning but if you don’t skip the month your card will be charged $39.95 and you will have a credit pending. So make sure by the 7th of every month you have skipped!
Another reason to heart Shoe Dazzle is if you promote the site and your friends actually purchase from Shoe Dazzle you wind up with credits towards your next purchase as well! How awesome is that!
I have plenty of shoes and bags from Shoe Dazzle and I have to say they have yet to disappoint! The first and only time I had a billing issue they cleared it up immediately for me! Their customer support is available and knowledgeable! I say try Shoe Dazzle out today before you miss out on super cute styles for the summer!!

You can check out my own personal showroom here!!

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