Shows You Will Hate Yourself For Missing

I try not to watchtoo much TV but when I begin to love a show I love it to pieces. There have been one too many times I fall in televised love and my show is ripped from my heart by cancellation! I am also aware some of these shows are too smutty to ever die but just incasies!

Oh you guys really are Pretty Little Liars and I love it! Nothing gets me in a better mood than teenage angst and drama coupled with overly well dressed, too much money having (without apparently being rich) high school teens with more freedom than the normal teen and even more life experience than my 30year old self, but this is high on my list of guilty pleasures and I don’t care who knows it. The mysterious death of the not soo much liked but surprisingly popular and feared friend Ali (it makes sense I guess we all loved to hate that one possibly 2 chicks in school) and although her friends are ever loyal and sad about her murder it seems their a-hole bestie has come back from the grave the make their lives a living hell. Whatev’s at least its not me and I get awesome outfit tips.

This show is an admittedly guilty pleasure because I really have no business watching any shows about high school kids but this one is soo good. I only just now found out it was originally a series of books written by the same awesome author that wrote Pretty Little Liars which is mentioned above. The drama so far is good and believable. The actors and actresses ar super hot, the wardrobe is exactly what I would love to wear (given those awesome bodies). The show is chock full of hot young and primed men.  Plenty of eye candy for men and women alike.  ABC family is really kickin it up with their shows lately.  Although everyone apparenlty is having sex you just never see it which I guess makes it suitable for viewing on ABC family.  Who cares its mindlessly entertaining and I just plain like it.

For as many reasons as I dislike fairy tales, if not taken too seriously I do love them. They are a huge part of my childhood which will forever make them special. Once Upon A Time is a sweet twist to the normal tales you hear melded with “real” life. Jennifer Goodwin fresh off Big Love is as cute and sweet as ever.  The evil queen Lana Parrilla who has been on Lost, NYPD Blue,& Six Feet Under is way hot and bad to the bone as they say in true evil queen form.  I don’t care she is a hottie and that is what matters, right?  I am annoyed they killed off the hot huntsman but am hoping that prince charming will make a longer more frequent appearances sooner rather than later other wise I’ll be stuck having Jiminy Cricket to look at who isn’t a complete uggo but not prince charming . If you haven’t seen it watch it now. You won’t regret it.

Yes, again with the fair tales. Grimm is like CSI meets The Brothers Grimm meets one or another ABC family drama. It’s cute, funny and interesting how the decetive always runs into one fairy tale character or another “accidentally”, shrowded in the mystery of his own life and what is really going on around him. The star David Guintoli accutally made his TV debut on Road Rules in 1994 and on one of my all time fave crappiest shows Real World/Road Rules Challenge in 1998.  This makes me love him and the show that much more!  His gf on the show is also in The Artist and crazy hot! They totes don’t give her nearly enough face time on this show but I bet if they did men would be drooling.  Everyone loves a hot ginger Don’t miss it!

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