Sleepless Nights Really Bite

Sleepless Nights BiteSleep and I used to be besties. I could passout and not wake up again until my alarm went off but lately, more often than not, I will wake up in the middle of the night and my mind is just whizzing with things I have to get done, want to do or shouldn’t have done and I can’t make it stop. I have been waking up exhausted even though I go to sleep at a reasonable time at night and don’t have to be up until 7am. I try to relax and get myself back to sleep ASAP but lately I am awake for longer and have more and more trouble getting back to sleep. I think I have been indulging in too much caffiene but I need it since I am soo sleepy during the day. I try to take vitamins to boost my energy levels as well as eating energy boosting foods, I have been trying to workout more to wear me out but nothing seems to be helping. I wonder if I have too muhch on my mind that maybe I am not really dealing with and this is my brains way of saying “handle yo business”.
Now I know why people take sleeping pills because not getting good rest makes you walk around in a fog all day which I do not appreciate. I can only imagine what people who have actual insomnia feel like. I need to do something quick before this turns into that.
I love sleep! Before I could fall asleep anytime, anywhere and sleep for a good long time. A bomb could go off and I’d be none the wiser but ever since I turned 30 the good ol’days of passing out as I please are eluding me and I am not a happy camper


  1. udntnmeyo says:

    drink more before bed! just a couple should give you a nice lazy feeling! but in all seriousness try melatonin.

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