Sliding Doors

I think I have mentioned on more than one occasion that Sliding Doorsis one of my all time favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it you should. I will say the first time I saw it I didn’t get it lol and hated it but after giving it another chance I fell in love. Besides having the trifecta of awesomeness 1. Gwyneth, 2. Late 90′s release 3. English (this is my own personal trifecta of awesomeness if you didn’t already know) the movie details exactly what my personal problem with ever making a solid decision really is. Probably why it is amongst my faves.  Sliding Doors illustrates how a split second difference in your life’s timeline could alter your life forever but in the end fate is fate. You see both sides of her life if she made that train and if she didn’t. My mind always tries to do this for me when I have any decision to make but thinking you know the outcome of your choices and knowing them are two very different things. In Sliding Doorsyou can see how easy it is to just go through the comfortable motions never questioning and assuming you are happy while also whatching what happens if what you thought was happiness and comfort goes south quickly and painfully.
I could what if myself all day long or play out the magnificant life I feel I should have had/still want  in my head all day. Making those bold and sometimes scary decisions in a split second knowing automatically they are correct because I said so. Dissappointingly that isn’t how reality works, though I feel if my life were reality tv it probably would work as nicely as I imagine.
In Sliding Doors Helen has difficult decisions to make in both senerios and she makes them even if reluctantly sometimes. I want to be like that. Where are these people that not only talk about it but be about it? I need to hangout with more of those people because I certainly have alot to learn. I daydream sometimes I have a crystal ball and I can run through all possible situations and outcomes to make sure I get the happy ending I want. People say you make your own destiny but you can only control your destiny not anyone elses soo if your destiny involves someone else what if they make their own destiny and that split second decision forever changes both of your destiny’s. I guess that is where little Miss Fate comes in and makes sure that both destiny’s are met? I am not sure. I never understood the destiny/fate business. I feel like that is another story we are told to hold on to the misconception of what real life is going to be like and avoid preparing us for the harsh reality that there is no crystal ball or sliding doors to show you your outcome. The only reality is consequence which is why you should always prepare for consequences and not destiny. I think today’s fortune cookie should read Consequences are attainable, Destiny is imaginable.

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