Some Natori Items I’d Like to Have

I am dreaming of a Friday night full of fabulous food, dancing and drinks but because it is only Thursday and I know my Friday night won’t be all that fabulous this week I am going to pretend I have somewhere absolutely fabulous to be.  So now that I have an imaginary fabu evening planned I am going to pick out a few things from Natori that I must have for said evening.

shani tunic Natori Shani TunicThrow on some black shorts or even pants and you are one sexy lady!! You can wear a tank or just your bra under this. I love it for a warm summer/fall evening! It would even look cute with a short denim jacket over it.

nanami dress Natori Nanami DressI am always partial to the color green! I like the asymmetrical drape to pieces! You can wear this as a dress or a top. Put on thigh high boots, pumps or flats and you will still look sexy.

gold leaf wood baubles Natori Gold Leaf Wood BaublesI don’t particularly care about the dress in this picture. I am in love with this necklace! It is enormous and outrageous! I need to have it however the price tag is way more than I would ever spend.

Divina DressNatori Divina Dress I don’t like the heavy boots with this dress in the picture but some sexy pumps and a thick black belt and I am ready to dance the night away in this baby! The colors are dark enough to pull this off in the cooler months too which makes it worth the splurge.

Natori Eau de Parfum banner; purple backdrop with white text

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