Some Retro Decor

Since it is summer and my spring cleaning is all done I am def in the mood to spruce up my place with new bright nic-nacs! I think that I have found them all in one place Betty’s Attic! I am drooling over their retro “junk”! Here are some things I know I have to have and you probably do too!

Find hundreds of nostalgic collectibles from the 1920s to the 1980s at

Fish I have no real explanation other than this is superly cute and I want it so I am sure you do too! Its a jug and a decorative piece.

Gumby So, technically this isn’t really home decor but its flippin Gumby! That is a necessity any which way you can have it so I say it is a must in every home!

Retro StoolI have always wanted a stool like this!! Its bright red color will shock any dull room into complete awesomeness.

Cheshire Cat I have a love for Alice in Wonderland that can never really be explained but most of all I heart the Cheshire Cat. This is technically a birdhouse but who says it has to go outside at all! You can use it to hold pens and pencils or just leave it hanging around! I must have this like yesterday!

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