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In days where our life runs on technology you might as well protect yourself. iPods, iPads, iPhones or whatever electronic you have might break, get stolen or get lost. Then you are out alot of money but not any more! Square Trade Warranties are to the rescue.

Save 20% on an iPad Warranty

Add SquareTrade Warranty protection to your purchase for about 10% of item price. Rated 5-stars on Nextag and A+ by the BBB

I did some research and even read some reviews after originally thinking Square Trade might be a scam but their reviews are pretty wonderful! Now you can rest easy knowing your electronics you spent good money on are safe and sound.

Here is a little more about Square Trade:

About Us
In business since 1999, SquareTrade is the largest indepen-
dent warranty provider and the only warranty consistently rated
5-stars by consumers.

Our warranties make sense:
Our prices average 40% less than most retailers. Every warranty comes with a 5-day service guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. We take a hands-on approach to servicing your claims so we can make sure everything’s done right, with a minimum amount of hassle. It’s our policy to approve every valid claim, and if there’s ever a question about it, we always err on your side.

We are changing the warranty industry:
We give consumers something they’ve never had before: a choice. Our warranties are available for ALL your electronics and appliances, whether you buy them at Best Buy, eBay or any other store.

SquareTrade Warranty

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