Summer Pedi Necessities

Everyone loves a good mani and pedi especially in the summer! Your feet are out all of the time. There are beaches, pools, parties and sandals galore! The warm weather and constant foot work are tough on feet. Unlike in winter where they are inside shoes and socks most of the time your feet are out and susceptible to heat and dryness much more than any other time of the year which makes the need for a pedi must more important and frequent. Here are some of my favorite products that I have been using for years that make my feet forever smooth and fabulous in between pedi’s.


Tatania Pumice Sponge Block (5 Pieces) is the brand many salons use and you can find at awesome places like Ricky’s NYC. I usually prefer to purchase this very set from because you get 5 blocks for anywhere between $5-$8 depending on seller and if you have Amazon prime you get it in like 2 days! You really can’t beat that. Most pumices are really just crap in my book. These are spectacular, last for a long time and you don’t even need to use scrub if you use them regularly. I actually use this every time I shower. I don’t go crazy but if you keep up with it and do it for a little everyday your feet don’t even have a chance to get dry and cracked.





The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub 3.4 fl oz is a little pricey at $14 per tub but a little on your pumice really goes a long way. You can either cover your foot in it or put it on your pumice and scrub away the dead skin. You don’t need to glob it on unless your feet really need some work then maybe just the first few times have at it but normally the both combined do an excellent job at exfoliating.

Tweezerman Callus Corn Shaver



Tweezerman Callus Corn Shaver is what I use to make sure any rough spots at the beginning of the summer come right off. Your heels and certain parts of your toes and balls of your feet take the brunt of your weight. They have to be strong and build up resistance to the torture you put them through with the heels you wear. In order for those 8 inchers to not hurt as bad your feet must develop a callus here and there. In the summer those suckers need to be gone! That is what these shavers are for. Don’t freak out they won’t shave your foot off but they are a big help in a way that won’t keep you scrubbing your foot with pumice until the cows come home and leave then come home again.



Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter is a product I have used forever. I used to use The Body Shop but the prices have gone up and with Bath & Body Works having a sale practically every day it just makes more sense to use it. Body Butter is much more nourishing I find to my skin but not the greasy kind. I cannot stand moisturizing only to feel like a freshly greased piece of bacon. While I do not want dry cracked heels I refuse to have every piece of dirt and dust stick to them while I walk around during the day either.  You can use any brand of body butter you prefer and if you like greasy go for it but I find that greasy lotions and butters don’t really moisturize the skin they just lay on top of it.


bliss softening socks I know that $52 seems pricey but these puppies last for so long and are beyond worth it. I use them at minimum once a week. I do it right before I go to bed. I leave them on and generally wake up with them off but if you slather on some luxurious body butter then put these socks on your feet will never have felt better.  I have used brands by Bath and Body Works and Bliss and both are just as good.  if you have a brand you know of or prefer go right ahead.  I tend to be extremely brand loyal to what works unless they get crazy and start jacking up my prices which drives me cray!  I know some people who also use these socks with Vaseline too which works for them but bottom line these gel socks work wonders and are great year round for that fresh from the salon feel.

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