Summer Scents You Must Have

I love perfume because you can wear a new one everyday and fragrance lasts for a long time or it does for me because I have amassed a collection so large I can go months before wearing the same scent twice.
I wanted to bring my faves to you so you can share in my sweet smelling summer!

Burberry Touch Burberry Perfume Touch for Women I was actually given Burberry Touch as a gift a few years ago and I must say is was the best fragrance gift I have ever gotten.  I wore it every day after that until the bottle was empty.  This is my rainy day fragrance.

No. 5 by Chanel for Women, Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 OunceI know you might think OMG this lady’s choices are soo boring and obvious but really though a true lady will never let Chanel No. 5 be passes up. It is the classic of the classics! Almost like the Sistine Chapel of fragrances.

D&G Light Blue Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue for Women at D&G Light Blue is a classic anyone can wear. It just reminds me of summer! I save this for my summer evening dinner parties. Wear this scent when you want to class up your act.

Hypnotic Poisen Dior Hypnotic Poisen is my everyday perfume. It is a little musky and fall smelling but I really can’t go an entire week without wearing it at least once. It is my go to scent have probably purchased at least 100 bottles in my life time.

Bond No.9 Riverside Drive Eau de Parfum – 1.7 fl. oz. I really can’t say much more than this is a classic scent (that comes in a large variety) that I will never stop loving. Although it is a bit pricey it is incredibly worth it! You can choose your own personal piece of NYC that suits you the best.

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