Summer Ties Guys Should Love

Summer is full of bright colors and relaxing designs. I know many of you guys have to get dressed up at work and suit and tie it 5 days a week but you can bring summer to your wardrobe with out having to go too far out of your comfort zone. Here are some summer tie picks from one of my favorite men’s designers Thomas Pink:

Blue and Green Kerala Check Skinny Woven Men's Tie 
Blue and Green Kerala Check Skinny Woven Men’s Tie
The colors in this tie aren’t super bold and bright but the blue and green plaid of this tie are much less winter flannel looking than some of the normal plaid colors there are out there. It is a little more modern due to it being a skinny tie which will spruce up any old suit and tie combo! The plaid pattern can be worn well into the colder months because the colors aren’t too bold.
Orange and Blue Carnival Sport Woven Men's Tie
Orange and Blue Carnival Sport Woven Men’s Tie
This ties colors are a little more bold than the plaid but the colors are bold and warm weather feeling. The contrast between the orange and blue make the tie pop without being too obnoxious. The pattern is different from most of the usual patterns you see. I really like the pattern and color combo. It is unique enough to be worn to events but can be used for the everyday as well.
Sky Blue and Yellow Swinton Stripe Printed Stripe Men's Tie
Sky Blue and Yellow Swinton Stripe Printed Stripe Men’s Tie
Yellow happens to be one of my favorite colors. The yellow and blue combination is again not crazy bright or colorful but has a light breezy feeling to it. The colors can be worn with blue, brown, black or grey suits and even a patterned shirt because of the simple stripe design. It can even be worn in winter and spring making it worth the purchase.

Green and Blue Radford Paisley Woven Men's Tie
Green and Blue Radford Paisley Woven Men’s Tie
Paisley happens to be a favorite pattern of mine. It is classic and you can incorporate many colors without having to use too much color all at the same time. Green is such a summer color with the hints of pink, darker blue, turquoise and white the tie looks like a summer day. I know many men are unsure about going the pink route. The tiny hints of pink aren’t too much to deter any man from his masculinity. The colors do inhibit some patterned shirts and suits but can definitely be worn with a variety of solid colored shirts and suits.

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