Swoon For Simple Human

I love a neat, clean organized home. I don’t like clutter and although I do like my bright colors and cheerfulness I appreciate a sleek clean look more than anything. One of my fave companies that constantly make me happy when I am trying to organize is Simple Human. ¬†Usually I am insanely colorful and want everything to be blindingly bright but the bf usually thinks it is too much. ¬†Here are some items he wanted for me to compromise on for the sake of our decorating.

simplehuman tension shower caddy



simplehuman tension shower caddyThis we actually desperately needed. We haven’t gotten a new shower caddy in like 5 years. The one we had was old and completely didn’t fit my shower necessities! I just wonder where the bf is going to put his stuff now hmmmmm……




simplehuman chrome ensemble set
simplehuman chrome ensemble set
Our bathroom is currently black and white damask which the bf doesn’t hate but since our sink accessories did need a little updating I didn’t so much mind the chrome because it added a little modern taste to it. Easy to clean and keep new looking.



simplehuman utensil holder - brushed


simplehuman utensil holder – brushed I have many a utensil from all of my chef aspirations! I think this is a little manlier for him and much less Hello Kitty which is where I typically look for kitchen accessories.




simplehuman bamboo frame dishrack - bamboo



simplehuman bamboo frame dishrack – bamboo I am always a sucker for bamboo as is the bf. Our dish rack was getting boring anyway, just plain old black so I figured I could let him have this one without any further discussion on the matter. hehe

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