Fashionista Jonz Store

Fashionista Jonz Store

Fashionista Jonz Store



After a ton of hard work and effort my store is up and running! I think I have a minor gift of words/recognizing hilarious quotes that you cannot live without! I decided to put all of my snazzy ideas into a Cafe Press store just for you. You can click here to find awesome items like clothes, accessories, accessories for your pet, home decor, car accessories, children, gifts and even your office! You can count on new stuff being added everyday.

I personally like to be an individual. I appreciate being able to show my sense of humor off in my own special way. You can’t always find exactly what you are looking for but at my store if you can’t then all you have to do is e-mail me at and I can do custom orders for you. There may be additional charges depending on the customization but I am more than happy to make you what you want.

I am very excited and I hope you love my store as much as I do! Please come by and visit and show me some love!!


Pinup Couture

I was as usual trying to find new fun things to purchase and was being disappointed in my search. I was browsing Facebook of all places and Inked Magazine had some super hot shoes posted. I followed the link and wound up at Pinup Couture. I instantly fell in love. I have always love the pin up style. Here are some items from Pinup Couture I don’t know if I could live without. Here are some shoes and clothes I won’t be able to live without.

Courtesan Swing Dress

Courtesan Swing Dress



I think this dress is just plain sweet. I love it. I am actually thinking about wearing it do a wedding I have next month. I think it is perfect in every way…and my boobs will look amaze!


Masuimi Dress in Red Bengaline with Black Lace

Masuimi Dress in Red Bengaline with Black Lace








This is probably one of the sexiest dresses I have ever seen. I know it covers a lot of body but whatever it exudes hotness. It makes me think of a super hot gal Friday or boss lady.



Black Cherry Platform Heels
Black Cherry Platform Heels





Hii! Could These shoes get any hotter? Cherries, platforms and a bow! Come on! I’m not too sure heels like this existed in the pin up days but I will not complain.  I love cherries and I am not sure why they are always associated with pin up styles but I’m not gonna hate.





Cherry Swimsuit

Cherry Swimsuit




I love this style of bathing suit. This is perfect for those of us who are not quite bikini ready as well as who want to add a little style to our beach attire. Sometimes less isn’t really more.


Dia de Las Muertos Platform from Pinup Couture Shoes

Dia de Las Muertos Platform from Pinup Couture Shoes






I am aware this is the same shoe as above but the pattern is do die! I must have these! I won’t have an effective summer wardrobe without them. I will not rest until these are resting nicely in my closet.





Summer Necklaces You Must Have

I can never get enough of accessories. They are some of my favorite things. Spring is here and it is definitely time to introduce more colors into your wardrobe. You can wear bigger pieces because you no longer need to be bundeled up. Cleavage time is here and now you must accessorize it.

Bamboleo Necklace

Bamboleo Necklace

Stella & Dot Bamboleo Necklace

from: Stella & Dot I saw this necklace the other day and decided everyone had to see it because they too would love it. The colors, chains, beads and stones all come together perfectly to make probably one of the hottest you have ever seen in your life EVER! I think as a group us women should get together and purchase said necklace so we can all feel apart of the cool club because this necklace is just that. I would probably consider myself the coolest lady on earth if I owned this piece….now how to convince the bf I need it???? hmmmmm????

Zahara Bib Necklace

Zahara Bib Necklace


Stella & Dot Zahara Bib Necklace Hullo fabulous! Where have you been all of my life?!?! This necklace will wind up in my jewelry cabinet very soon. The colors are perfect for an all white out fit! Say bikini or linen suit.  Yes I think so.  Right now I am laying on the beach with my big floppy hat in a beautiful, non-see through all white bikini with this necklace on and I am the hottest lady in the sand!  Yea I said it!




Marchesa Necklace

Marchesa Necklace




Stella & Dot Marchesa Necklace This is the perfect color for warm weather. I really dig any chain accessory mixed with color. That style just screams sexy to me. I am usually not a fan of asymmetry but this necklace makes it look luxurious.  I need these for some of my strapless dresses.  You could even pair it with a long skirt and tank.  It kind of screams rock & roll right?



Olivia Pearl & Ribbon Necklace

Olivia Pearl & Ribbon Necklace



Stella & Dot Olivia Pearl & Ribbon Necklace
from: Stella & Dot I am really into ribbon and pearl accessories lately. I swore them off for a short period of time but I am falling in love with them again. This necklace is simple but mucho gorge! It is perfect for layering.  You could even wrap it around your wrist a few times to make a bracelet.

Must Have Spring Bags

I am totes in the market for a new handbag and Amazon is my go to place everytime. I have a Prime account and getting my stuff with free shipping in 2 days really makes me all warm and fuzzy.
It was like Amazon had heard my longing for a new bag and answered my prayers when I opened up the e-mail this morning. Here are a few must have bags for me this Spring all under $100!

Hibto Tote

Hibto Tote

BIG BUDDHA Hibto Tote comes in other colors like a turquois which I am really hearting right now. This is an excellent everyday bag with just a smidge of pizzazz and I like it. The bag can be taken right through to fall which makes it well worth the money.

Brianna Tote

Brianna Tote


BIG BUDDHA Brianna Tote is big enough for all of my daily hauling and pretty enough to grab my attention. You can never go wrong with a metallic bag in the warmer months! It also comes with a bigger strap so it can be an over the shoulder bag. My previous metallic bags need to be turned into some handy craft because they are unsuitable for wear anymore. I loves it!

Studio Crossbody

Studio Crossbody


BIG BUDDHA Studio Crossbody I don’t even think this selection needs any elaboration…HELLO sqeuins..Nuff said!  You can use it everyday or save it for party time.  Either way no wardroab is complete without it.

Ella Crossbody

Ella Crossbody


BIG BUDDHA Ella Cross Body  just happens to perfectly match a wallet I just purchased! I think it is super cute and any thing with that kind of laser cutting detail is right up my alley. Its very hippie chic if you ask me. Plus I have been very into smaller bags lately. Normall I carry a house sized bag and I am really just over it. I don’t use 90% of what is in there anyway.

Adele Satchel

Adele Satchel


BIG BUDDHA Adele Satchel Even though I wont wear real animals I absolutly love animal prints of all kinds! They are soo beautiful and adds a bit of flavor to a plain old bag! This one is even a little more sophicated than I usually go. Me mucho likey!

Chloe Tote

Chloe Tote


BIG BUDDHA Chloe Tote I am swooning over Chevron patterns lately. I cannot get enough of them. I have always like that pattern but it is making its way out there alot this season and I must have it! The colors are perfect as well!

I Heart Roller Derbs!

I <3 Roller Derby
I <3 Roller Derby


I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but I am in love with Roller Derby! I have wanted to do it for years since the reality show came out Roller Girls! I am not the most athletic of people and I think I have mentioned how absolutely clumsy I am but Roller Derby calls to me for some reason. I think I can manage to not kill myself on the old school kind of skates. The ladies involved in Roller Derby seem like my kind of peeps and any sport where you get to get your aggression out by knocking folks down sounds awesome to me! Let me also mention how hot these ladies are and that you get to pick your own awesome name! I can totally handle that! Roller Derby is also an amazing form of exercising! Hello cardio city! This can be the a fun new way to exercise! Move over Zumba, Roller Derby is about to take over! Anything to appear more badass is A+ in my book! Here are some things I think I need to complete my badassness!

Sock It To Me Bad Ass Knee high Socks (Black)Knee high socks are always badass but these are even cooler and I must have them!

Roller Derby Firestar Girl’s Roller Skate, Size- 1Hi retro awesomenss! I will take 2 please! Teach me how to skate and look amazing while doing it! I am all over this like a blocker on her opponent.

Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Thing Womens Junior Booty Shorts S Part of my new uniform…yes, I think so! A necessity in fact! I am a sweet thing and me on the track would be even sweeter!!

Raskullz Cutie Cat Helmet (Purple, Ages 5+)There is no cooler helmet in the entire world than this one! It shall be mine, Oh yes it shall be mine! I must have this to complete my awesome Roller Derby outfit! Who wants to hit a kitty really?!

I’ve Got Love for My Kitchen

Over the holiday’s the bf and I decided we needed a new oven ASAP. The old one was just that old, finicky and boring.  We wanted to get something we could really get gormet with.  Now that we have it have been cooking up a storm! I need the practice since we were using our toaster oven to cook before out of pure laziness.  I have been having soo much fun playing with new recipes but now when I look around at my beautiful, new, shiny stove everything else looks like crap! I need new everything! Here are a few things I feel I cannot live without and the color scheme would just brighten my kitchen experience everytime I spend time in it!

KitchenAid 12-Cup Food Processor, WhiteI am completely knife inept all day everyday. I don’t cut evenly or nicely and I always almost cut off a limb. I think this would only help me do things quicker, cleaner and with less band-aids. I wouldn’t have to make the bf cut everything for me in fear of stabbing myself. This one has all kinds of attachments and would help me get that much closer to my goal of being a hybrid Tori Spelling/Martha Stewart/Fabulous Beekman Boy.

Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup MakerI know I have a stove and even a blender at home but this does sooo much more and although the woman on the commercial makes this blender look like the most amazing thing in the world I wonder if it really is. So I should get it to try it right. It could be the best purchase I ever made. It’s winter sooo I can make soup everyday!

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 GriddlerIf you have ever seen the commercial for this it is impossible to resist purchasing this. Even though we just got a stove for some reason my brain is telling me I cannot live without this in my kitchie.

KitchenAid 5-Speed BlenderI really only want this for the color there is another blender I am obsessed with the blender above I see nothing wrong with sticking with my color scheme.  This color reminds me of a 1950′s kitchen which would suit my kitchen very nicely at the moment.

Oil Bottle with Dipping DishesDips are a huge thing in our house! We love to try new tastes and combinations. I love small dishes and bowls and clearly you see the Turquoise theme I am going with here is easy to match.

Basic Measuring Cup SetThe measuring cup set I have currently is old, plastic and the sizes have been almost completely washed off. Plus I bought them forever ago when I didn’t care about what things looked like only what they cost.

Utensil HolderRight now we use a glass vase that isn’t shaped right for the space that it is in and that doesn’t really fit the stuff we need to put in it. It is inexpensive and is a tiny accent that would just make me happy. I have found a billion kitchen accessories that are this color which would make me think of Tiffany’s everytime I set foot in the kitchie.

KitchenAid MixerI feel this is a necessity because I need alot of work on my dessert and baked good making. I fail everytime but to be honest I feel it has to do with all of the manual mixing I am forced to do. I think this would inspire me to practice more and finally get good at it.

10 Super Fun Kids Gifts for The Holidays

I am almost finished shopping for the holidays and I couldn’t be happier. In my searches for the children in my life I happen upon some of the coolest stuff I have seen in a while! I decided to give you the list because not only are these items beyond reasonably priced they are hella cool!

Fashion Design Studio I thought I was cool when my mother got me a little sewing machine, fabric and thread so I could design my own Barbie clothes but this goes all out!! I kind of want this for myself now! This is great for your budding fashionista or fashionistor! Give the kids a chance to be creative. Besides being awesome this will totally keep your little one occupied for hours and we know that is the key to a good gift!

Doctor Dreadful Stomach Churner I’ve seen a commercial for Doctor Dreadful and I’m not gonna lie the stuff looks super fun! This is super fun for that kid you know that is all into bugs and grossing people out! It is kind of a science lab they can eat! Gross out little girls all you want!

Scavanger Hunt For Kids As a kid and even as an adult I loved scavanger hunts! This is even a little educational which is a plus whenever you are purchasing children’s presents. The double plus is this is an indoor hunt soooo the kids can stay warm and cozy while playing and not sitting in front of the television.

Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit I really just put this on here because I want it and I think it is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen! You can grow your own magical garden! I would have died for this when I was a little lady!

Snow Dino Decoration Kit How fun is this seriously! This kit comes with your very own dino decor to add to any snow creation you kid wants to make. There are other sets as well but this is a gift that could be reused over the years which gives you more bang for your buck.

Snow Ball Blaster This is another gift only good if you leave somewhere that has snow but either way I totally wish I had one of these when I was a kid! Not only does it shoot snow balls but it holds 3 for you! You can kick butt with this thing. I kind of think this is also good for that grown-up kid you know. Most boys/men enjoy any kind of gun right?

Hog Wild Spinning Ice Cream Cone I love this!!! I know ice cream is probably the last thing on anyones mind in the cold months but how cool/fun is this!! Another great price of $7.97!! The only set back is you can’t choose the color. Other than that this is awesome for tons of reasons.

Hot Wild Spinning Fork I actually got this for my father but I know a few people who have purchased this for their children and it is super fun! The spinning fork is excellent for pasta’s or for that child that doesn’t like to eat. The Hog Wild Spinning Fork can help keep them interested.

Microwavable S’mores MakerI love S’mores!! I know kids love them too! Now they can make them year round and without a huge mess involved! This is great for any kid at only $7.20 you can get it for a child you aren’t too fimiliar with or for grab bags and secret santas for the kids.

Hog Wild Moo Mixer This is soooo cool! You push the button and it mixes your chocolate milk for you! Yes, I know you could just use a spoon but a kid would think this was awesome! I think it is pretty awesome myself!

More Extended Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

I have been shopping all weekend as I mentioned before and the deals can’t stop getting better and better. I am going to go shopping crazy this weekend and it is only Saturday!! I hope you are enjoying all of my Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this weekend!

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Extended Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals!

The deals are still going strong all weekend long! I have soo many deals and discounts it isn’t even funny! I cannot believe the amazing places having sales. I have found sooo many awesome gifts for my fam and friends.  I am almost finished shopping at this rate I will be done before the weekend is over!

2719_Eddie Bauer Black Friday Weekend Sale - 300x250

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fashion Deals #3

Happy Turkey Day everyone!! I hope you have an amazing day to shop soo here are some amazing fashion deals from your fave designers to get some of your most fave looks for the season.


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