The Most Fashionable Lunch Ever

Super Cool Sandwich

Super Cool Sandwich

I know that it is back to school season which always puts a damper on the end of summer but here is one amazing way to add some cool to your lunch! You may have to be in school but you don’t have to have the same old boring lunch everyone else does now do you!





* Cups (that you can put food coloring in)
* Organic Milk
* Natural or Organic Food Coloring
* New Paint Brushes
* Organic Wheat bread (white bread may yield better results but it isn’t very healthy)
* Toaster


1. Fill each cup with two tbsp. of milk.
2. Add a few drops of food coloring to each cup.
3. Paint any pictures or designs on the bread using the colored milk and brushes.
4. Toast your food art lightly but make sure the bread doesn’t burn.
5. Once the bread has cooled off a little make put the sandwich together.
6. Add a little note to let your children know how much you love them!

You can use this project as an after school snack also! Experiment with other breads or even wraps and pitas! You could even use pizza dough and make super cool pizzas! You will be the coolest parent ever with this simple yet creative lunch idea!

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