Tomato & Olive Lady Bug Baguettes

Tomato Olive Lady Bug Baguettes

Tomato Olive Lady Bug Baguettes



How cute is this idea for spring?!?! I love making fun finger foods for parties. The more creative the more fun I think it is. I love going to a party or even a dinner where someone has put a little extra thought into what they are serving by making it designed. I know it isn’t always easy and not everyone has the time but if you do why not play with your food? Every little ounce of effort counts and your guests will appreciate it.
This is a great way to get kids interested in eating foods they might not other wise be interested in. People and children alike tend to eat food that is attractive or fun looking. You can get people to try new things just by you being creative.





Cherry Tomatoes
Black Olives (pitted)
Flat Leaf Parsley
Chive Cream Cheese (any flavor you prefer really)
Smoked Salmon


1. Cut the baguettes an inch to 2 inches in thickness
2. Toast the pieces lightly just so they have enough crunch but not so they get completely toasted.
3. Cut cherry tomatoes in half and de-seed (cut long ways so one side lays flat)
4. Cut black olive in half, through the middle, then cut that half in half as well.
5. Spread cream cheese on to baguette, just enough to lightly cover the bread
6. Place a piece of smoked salmon on top of the cream cheese
7. Next is a few pieces of flat leaf parsley on top of the salmon
8. Add the tomato and olive for the lady bug body.
9. Lastly, using a tooth pick use some cream cheese to make the eyes and do the same all over the tomato. Cut up tiny pieces of olive to use as the dots for the lady bugs back.

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