Trilby; A NovelI’m not sure how many of you have even ever heard of Trilby but I hadn’t until college. I wasn’t all that interested in any reading we had to do for college but once I started I really happened to like it. I must be feeling in a magical spell type mood today considering my first post today was about a spell as well.
I happen to also be able to relate to this book in many ways. The time period and place, 1850′s bohemian Paris, makes me swoon as well as the characters. Yes, even the ones you hate. Wanting to be someone I so clearly am not and even dreaming about it so often it seems like it was a reality that isn’t soo far from the truth. You can almost taste it.  Then there is the being taken over and abused by an undeserving man who also wishes he were someone more important than he really is and uses a woman to get there. 
The last two books we have had to read for book club weren’t my cup of tea so I am hoping to suggest this one. I am pretty sure some of the women have already read it but I would love the chance to read it again.
The concept can really be brought into your own life. I am sure there have been periods of your life where you thought you must have been possessed to make you do the things you have done. Perhaps you choose to forget those times or not but either way I am sure you can relate. I actully have a super big crush on this book and would love for the chance to read it again. Cross your fingers I can convince the other ladies to read it as well!

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