Vino To Go


Speaking as someone that has a love for all to-go cups I must, absolutely positively must haveVino2Go! What a better way to take a stroll on the beach with your cutie, or a drive around town looking at the holiday decorations, on picnics, evenings out doors! Much cuter than other alternatives. I mean come on!! Does it get any fancier then that? You know you have used coffee to go mugs or water bottles before, don’t lie, I know I am not on my own here!! It lacks a certain panache I think. DISCLAIMER I do not, repeat DO NOT condone drinking and driving, but I have been known to make a roadie (with a designated driver) once or twice in my day! You can use them for other beverages such as champs or sangria or even perhaps a marg!!! You can even decorate them yourself to make them personalized (I understand that is a personal addiction I have but everyone else is free to have the same addiction I am willing to share).
These amazing lil cups can be purchased right here and come in several different colors. Every adult should own a few of these. As a matter of fact I know just who I will be purchasing these for this holiday season!!

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