Waxing Poetic Flutterby Charm

Rope Flutterby PendantRope Flutterby Pendant

You should thank me for being soo fashion forward because a month or so ago I posted an article about some super cute things I found at Waxing Poetic and what do you know the Flutterby Charm necklace appeared on the Halloween episode of The Secret Circle on the CW.
If you didn’t notice it I will tell you exactly where it was shown. The Flutterby Charm Necklace was one of the personal items the scary witch hunter Jake (who has a witch vendetta) took from Cassies room in order to kill her!
I told you this necklace was super cute and creatively versitle! Now apparently the peeps at the CW know it as well! To get your very own Waxing Poetic Flutterby Charmeclick here!

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