Waxing Poetic Picks

Have you ever heard of Waxing Poetic? Waxing Poetic offers one of a kind hand made sterling silver jewelry.   If not here is a little about them in their own words:

We believe that faith, risk, hope, and joy are inextricably bound, and never mutually exclusive. Adventure and routine are strange, and sometimes lovely, cousins. There is a way to write the lines in between all of us, and in our own small way, we want to make links. If we can make things to share, to pass in between, we can do more than we ever hoped – and then some.
Waxing Poetic believes in community–not just ours, but the overall global adventure version of community. We want to be fair, to be good, and to be grateful. We do our best, but know we can always do better. Much of that better, really and truly, is thanks to you.

I happen to really like Waxing Poetic’s  unique style and thought I would share a little with my faves. Here are a few items I really like.

"Life is Full of Treasure" Jewelry Box Discription: Perfectly sized for your most precious objects…charms, a bracelet, photos, a lock of hair.

Silhouette Portrait Charms Description:We made these winsome beauties with nostalgia in mind, borrowing from childhood, memory boxes, and our own treasures.

Waxing Poetic Flutterby Description: Our butterfly celebrates the ties that bind and reminds us all that wherever we go, we are never too far for love’s cords to reach us and keep us safe.

Joyus Return CharmDiscription: Shining, brave, hopeful, and filled with good wishes, our Joyous Return charm is sure to light up even the gloomiest of days.

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