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I was attempting to online shop as usual today but as I logged on to twitter and received my millions of fashion updates I started reading/seeing the brands I’ve always dreamed of purchasing but can never rationalize actually spending that much. I wondered how much would my dream outfit for my birthday would cost me if I spared no expense and if my body was entirely perfect—no limits what would I choose. So here it goes my perfect b-day bash outfit

Betsey Johnson Women’s Strapless Sequined Dress,PinkI die die die for this dress! The designer is Betsey Johnson of course! She has been one of my favorite designers since I can remember! She is my kindred spirit of sorts. I cannot live with out sequins and the color with my perfectly tanned body ( I did say my body was entirely perfect lol) $418

Pour La Victoire
Pour La VictorieMaple Chestnut/Black. This is another favorite style of mine. Any color overlayed by lace will forever be sexy but it is a demure sexy. Loves it! $229.99

Miriam Salatolive medallion ringI don’t care what this ring matches I want it and I want to wear it now! I love this color green and it looks like something a royal would wear. I could wear this with soo many other things even if I was going casual.

Ranjana Khan - Rose Island NecklaceRanjanaKhan-Rose Island NecklaceThe colors in this piece go superbly with my super fabulous Betsey dress as well as the shoes! I am a huge fan of loud complicated necklaces. That is def one of my favorite accessories.

Janis Savitt - Gold and Steel Multichain BraceletJane Savitt Multichain BraceletFor some reason I am falling more and more in love with rose gold. This whole color scheme is to go amazingly with my deep deep tan d0n’t forget! I didn’t want to go too crazy with the bracelet since I want everyone to stare at my necklace/cleave.

Haleh's Floral Design Antiqued Gold Teardrop EarringsHaleh’s Floral Design Antiqued Gold Teardrop Earrings I think theHaleh’s Floral
Design Teardrops are a perfect addition to accent both the necklace and the bracelet. I am still loving that crazy rosy gold color. I am loving my entire ensemble. I know it might not be everyone’s style but I don’t care its my party!

So after searching for 2 days to find the bag of all bags I cannot find one that I would say would be my dream to match this outfit! So here is my first contest proposal to you my readers if there are any of you out there! If you can find me the perfect bag to go with my dream outfit, I will send you a mini gift basket with some of my favorite odds and ends for helping me out. Here is what you do:
1. Like or Friend Fashionista Jonz on Facebook, follow Fashionista Jonz on twitter and on networked blogs.

2. Post your comment with the link to the bag you think that will complete my dream birthday outfit.

3. I will choose my favorite bag by next Friday July 22nd and send the winner a little gift basket of goodies!

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