Wonderwall A Song For Life

I just finished watching the latest episode of Girls and the end of the latest episode one of my all time favorite songs was being sung by Hannah, Wonderwall (clearly I grew up in the 90′s). I have loved Wonderwall for soo many reasons through out my life that it will be a part of my soul, if souls actually exist, until my untimely and probably alcohol/drug induced death. It may be because in the height of the song I was dating one of the only English boys I knew ever existed on Long Island at the time or the fact that I perhaps “stole” him from one of my best friends and to this day she has yet to hold a grudge about it, or how during the peak of my teen angst this song spoke to me with its whiny lyrics and obnoxious band members.
I am definitely not one of those deep individuals that find comfort, solace and meaning in music in a way that I care to know anything more than who sings the song so I can download  said song if I do not already own it. Wonderwall however is one of those songs that has been around long enough to be like an old friend because is never far from my mind, I know it like the back of my hand and it is always there to brighten my day. I feel like the song seeks me out if that makes sense. It is always there when I need it to remind me of older and better times yet the lyrics speak to me reminding me about the present and future…..my future specifically. There aren’t many songs in a persons life that can be so pivotal but for me, even as chiche as it might sound Wonderwall is just that. I stress this is not my all time favorite song but that some how, some where it just appears when I least expect it but always need it. It is always within my reach, yet I never have to grab for it. Every time I need it but dont expect it it is there and serves a purpose I didn’t realize it had.
This weeks episode of Girls spoke to me, in that Wonderwall was included in the last scene. Their situations had nothing to do with what I am currently feeling but that is what the song does for me. Yet, as a combination of all that is going on in the episode maybe it did represent my many different “personalities” that I feel I must have through my many facets of everyday life.
The episode did remind me of a time where my old super fab roommate and I did bathe together (this was a coed situation but we were both in bathing suits) and we had the best time ever. While being jealous that it seemed Hannah’s bath tub was larger than ours was I do remember night fondly and that Wonderwall might very well have been playing but besides that it brought me back to times where I was more assertive, stronger, and self assured and looked mighty fine in that bathing suit to boot! Wonderwall has been played during a rainbow of experiences in my life that never failed to bring me back to center where I belong.

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