You Can’t Help Them If They Don’t Listen

Annoyed Face

Diary let me just tell you how even when you think people have changed they totally haven’t and it drives me absolutely nuts that I can’t do anything about it. Since the new year is about to roll in with all of the other resolutions floating around in my head I think I have the resolution of all resolutions that will be the most difficult to keep but probably the best one I have ever thought of. STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO IN THEIR OWN LIVES! WORRY ABOUT YOURS AND THAT YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!
Whoa that feels soo much better! I try when I see someone I care about making a mistake to never give advice per say but give them imput. I always ask myself what the other point of view might be or try to get me a devil’s advocate because I am a very reactionary person who sometimes mistakenly overreacts and if there is one thing I hate is having to admit I am wrong or even worse apologizing for it sooo with that being said when I see someone I love very ovbiously making a mistake I try to be there and be the good friend but also offer a point of view that maybe they haven’t thought of which may or may not help the situation but at least I did what any good friend should do.
I have one friend who really is a good person and for all intents and purposes wants to do the write things but even down to eating right bitch just can’t get it. It makes me nuts, then when anyone comments this person gets mad and basically tells you to mind your own business. The kicker she is pregnant. Her and her hubs are about to be parents and though they make ok money and have good benefits they are otherwise financially, emotionally and phsically unprepared yet they have been waiting for this moment for years. I can see she isn’t happy and in the past when trying to bring to light her and her husbands immature and troublesome ways I wound up being the bad guy. I know we have all been there where you can see a friend falling down a depression spiral and no matter what you do or say they are determined to go through it. After the last time I opened my mouth when I thought I was doing good I have realized something. JUST STAY OUT OF IT! I can talk myself silly but it won’t work so I ask myself why do I care if they obviously don’t? Why waste my time on their lives when I am not perfect and could use my time more wisely focusing on myself and the things about myself I know I want to improve.
That is where my new resolution has come from. At least if I put time and effort on fixing about me what I want I know the end result will be beneficial. There is less stress and fighting in the end except with myself and when I get into a fight with me usually a nice glass of wine or something new and pretty ends our fight quite quickly.
I am sure many of you are in the same boat so I figure that we all need a good repremand and remember that everyone could use improvement one way or another so maybe if we focus less on what other people are doing, even if we love them,  and focus on ourselves in turn we might get exactly what we were asking for.  Maybe that same frustrating person, who never listens won’t have to because instead of hearing it they will feel it for themselves and maybe that is all it takes.  Who knows, you might be that very friend I am talking about.

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